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Donations 20

Username Date Donation type Amount
Kallenbach PayPal 19.53 EUR
Hannu PayPal 50.00 EUR
Basel PayPal 10.00 EUR
Tom PayPal 10.00 EUR
castro82 PayPal 9.53 EUR
Tom PayPal 19.53 EUR
Kallenbach PayPal 19.53 EUR
hawk PayPal 25.00 EUR
MeisterPils PayPal Amount hidden
Anonymous donation PayPal 10.00 EUR
DixiSGD PayPal Amount hidden
matz PayPal 10.00 EUR
nfh Transfer 19.53 EUR
mayhem PayPal 19.53 EUR
Linie10 PayPal 19.53 EUR
williwucher99 PayPal 10.53 EUR
petit PayPal 20.00 EUR
Anonymous donation PayPal 19.53 EUR
Doco Transfer Amount hidden
castro82 PayPal 9.53 EUR